Brass Laxmi Idol


Vaibhav Pratisthan: Brass Laxmi Idol/Murti for Wealth, Fortune, and Prosperity for Life

30 x 40 x 60 Millimeters

‎200 Grams

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We all want happiness in our lives in so many ways, but being financially stable is everyone’s priority, people do struggle financially but that doesn’t mean they don’t do hard work, they do but sometimes they got failed, not just because there was something missing in there hard work but there was something lack in their luck. To fulfill that need, this Laxmi idol helps you to come over in which you are lacking and make balance in everything. Having this “Brass Laxmi Idol” in your home, office, or any needed place makes everything positive around you. It creates energetic vibes So that you can feel powerful all day. As we all know, Laxmi derived from the Sanskrit word “Lakshya” which signifies Aim or Goal, likely having this idol persuade you toward your Lakshya. Here are some points that would help you to understand the use of this Brass Laxmi Idol.


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