Sphatik Shivling (50g)


Sphatik Shivling for Wealth, Prosperity, Destroy Negativity Influences. Best for Home & Office

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Sphatik Shivling is measured as very much auspicious. Praying in front of Sphatik Shivling connects you with Lord Shiva. You are then blessed by Lord Shiva to have peace, happiness and lot of prosperity. Your mind is cleared of all negative vibes, thoughts. The person is driven by positivity and achieves notable success in his pursuit. Having Sphatik Shivling purifies environment around and leads to a strong position on financial front. You are to be considered a pious person and your progress on spiritual path is assured. Sphatik (Crystal) Sphatik Shivling can be kept in office or in your living room. The place is then surrounded by positive vibration. Pavitra Jyotish caters quality Crystal Sphatik Products Sphatik Shivling to help your cause. It is dipped in Milk/solution for one day to purify it. Then due ritual/Puja is performed to energize the same. After that it is carefully packed and delivered to you. Benefits of having purified and energized Sphatik (Crystal) Shivling Sphatik Shivling clears mind of all negative influences. You are to be in a strong financial position. You command respect in social circle. You become prosperous and own luxurious items. You are able to create wealth, own property. Your path to spirituality is cleared.


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