Zircon (Jarkan) Ring


Vaibhav Pratisthan : Cubic Zircon Jarkan Gemstone stud in Adjustable Ashtdhatu Golden Polished Adjustable Ring with Lab Certificate

  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12 x 8 x 2 cm; 150 Grams
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VAIBHAV SANSTHAN : Cubic Zircon (Jarkan stone in Hindi) is a natural, atural White Zircon Ring with Stones is the substitute gemstone for venus and used instead of a diamond or white sapphire. Since it represents the planet of beauty and luxury venus it is a good gemstone for getting financial luck and wealth. The colourless variety is often recommended as the astrological substitute of the diamond. Zircon gemstone is regarded as December month birthstone and can also be worn for healing and jewellery purposes. Married life or love of a person is controlled by Venus. This stone strengthens the Venus and brings in passion, understanding, romance and satisfaction in one’s relationship. Zircon is highly recommended for people who want peace in their married life or love affair. People wearing Zircon have an artistic or a glamorous profession like acting, singing, music, dance etc. Medically this stone protects from hormonal imbalance related ailments. It is also believed that this stone benefits the urinary and reproductive system. It brings in a feel of confidence to its wearer. It also helps in improving social life of its wearer.


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