Ruby Manik Ring


Natural 4.8 Ct. (5.25 Ratti) Lab Certified Ruby Manik Ring Stone Ashtdhatu Gold Plated Adjustable Ring for Men and Women

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Stone : Ruby Manik RING Stone Weight : 4.8 Ct. ( 5.25 Ratti ) Shape : Oval RING SIZE Adjustable Color : Pinkish Red Quality : Good: A ruby or manik is a pink or red colored gemstone and a variety of the mineral corundum which belongs to the aluminum oxide family. The red color is caused primarily due to the presence of the element chromium in the mineral. According to the principles of ancient Vedic astrology, ruby is governed by the Sun. If the Sun is the lord of the auspicious house in your birth chart, wearing a ruby can benefit you immensely. The ruby astro gemstone has several unique properties. It is worn to enhance your reputation as well as your qualities of command and leadership.


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