Yellow Pukhraj RING


Vaibhav Pratisthan: Natural 4.8 Carat (5.25 Ratii) Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj AshtDhatu Adjustable Golden Polised Ring with Lab Tested Certificate



vaibhav pratisthan: Yellow Sapphire stone, also called Pukhraj stone, is an eminently precious, yellow colored gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. It is one of the most recognized gemstones in Vedic astrology worn for professional prosperity & Wealth, blissful matrimony, enhanced will power, and a healthy progeny. Pukhraj Gemstone has the power to influence the Jupiter planet which is associated with higher education and research prospects. Apart from it, Yellow sapphire can give you focus, wisdom, analytical skills and sound of fair judgment. This popular Gemstone taking a loop between the people, to remove the negativity from their’s life, every person wants to wear this on their finger. Having stress and tackling it on a daily basis can make you weak internally and managing every little work with this weakness can be harmful to your health and wealth.


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